sun moon lake

Sun Moon Lake is one of the most famous attractions where most tourists who are in Taichung want to visit. Travelling there, of course, is well-known to be time-consuming; moreover, it can be costly. Therefore, several travelling packages are available for purchase at the HSR, TRA, Nantou Bus station, etc. which help save a lot of money. Generally, we would get paper tickets after purchasing.

sun moon lake paper packages

Recently, in order to match up with an increasing number of mobile usage, The Nantou government has introduced e-Passes which can be purchased online. Save the time and save money!!

How to purchase

  1. Simply go to the Nantou Bus website and select the pass that you want (The website is currently supporting these languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English).
Nantou website
  1. Once you have selected the pass, it will direct you to its information, for instance: tickets, prices, rules, etc.

  2. Purchase the pass using a credit/debit card (You are required to sign in for the website).

  3. Once the transaction has been complete, you will receive QR codes via email. QR codes can also be found at your purchase history.

QR codes

How to redeem QR codes

  1. Check your QR codes on your email or purchase history on Nantou Bus website.

  2. For example, if you have purchased a Sun Moon Lake Bike PASS (680 NTD for paper, 670 NTD for e-Pass). You will get several tickets and vouchers which can be redeemed as follows:

    1. Taichung – Sun Moon Lake Round-trip Bus Ticket -> Nantou Bus Station
    2. Sun Moon Lake Boat Voucher -> Shueishe Visitors Center
    3. Bike Rental Voucher -> the designated vendors (e.g. Giant, Merida, etc.)
    4. Round-the-Lake Bus one day pass Voucher -> Shueishe Visitors Center
  3. Simply show QR codes to Nantou Bus Window or the vendors. They know what to do.

QR code
  1. Ultimately, you will receive some paper tickets as proof.


Please be notified that you still need to get in line to redeem QR codes. However, by purchasing online, you will get QR codes which will be valid throughout the year (until December 31 of the year); moreover, it is cheaper, not a lot, but still. I hope this make your journey get smoother.