On 18-Aug-2020, Taiwan finally opened its first appointment for locally-made vaccine MVC COVID-19. As this will be the very first rollout of the vaccine, there are still some doubts towards the safety of the vaccine. However, I am confident that the vaccine will be safe and effective; therefore I decided to register to receive my first dose on 23-Aug-2020.

Medigen Photo

I will keep updating this log as I receive more information before and after receiving my doses.

Vaccination Log - Medigen (1st Dose)

23-Aug-202111.40Received First Dose
12.10Felt a bit sore on a left arm (vaccinated spot)
12.41Experienced a minor headache
17.00Felt normal, able to workout normally
24-Aug-202110.00Had mild diarrhoea
13.00Felt normal

Vaccination Log - Medigen (2nd Dose)

01-Oct-202116.30Received The Seond Dose
17.00Had mild diarrhoea
17.20Felt normal

Vaccination Log - Moderna (3rd Dose - Booster)

25-Jan-202216.00Received The Seond Dose
18.00Experienced a minor fatigue
26-Jan-20228.30Felt a bit sore on a left arm (vaccinated spot)
19.30Extreme Fatigue and felt cold
27-Jan-20228.00Felt better than yesterday