Daylify is a user-friendly web application designed to help you track and record your daily moods.


The primary motivation behind creating Daylify was to develop a practical web application that would allow users to easily track their moods. Additionally, I wanted to evaluate my personal growth and highlight the milestones of my journey.

To achieve these goals, I leveraged the power of Vue.js for the user interface and FastAPI for the API, both hosted separately. For the database, I opted for a NoSQL solution using Azure Cosmos DB. This technology stack enabled me to rapidly develop and deploy a fully functional web application.

I highly recommend using FastAPI along with Pydantic for defining models and schemas when working with NoSQL databases.

By employing the Vue.js framework, I was able to create a simple and intuitive user interface effortlessly. Furthermore, the application can be easily set up on GitHub with a CI/CD pipeline for Netlify.

Key Features

  • Authentication: Users can sign up and sign in using their username and password.
  • Mood Tracking: Users can record their moods on a daily basis.
  • Heatmap: Users can view their moods in a heatmap.
  • i18n: Internationalization support

Tech Stack