Sokrates collects data related to the interaction of classroom teaching and teaching behaviors applied by pedagogy, and use AI to automatically generate professional teaching analysis reports (machine intelligence), combined with the opinions of experts and teachers (expert wisdom), and use visual charts. It serves as a summary reference for lesson observation discussions and teacher self-improvement. Assist teachers’ professional growth through AI technology.

It has collected tens of thousands of excellent teaching plans and teaching examples, established the AI Smarter School exclusive channel, and provided a teacher professional development platform for the global smart teachers to watch, discuss and communicate with the public, to promote the spread of smarter education and accelerate the teacher professional development.



  • Sokrates Video

Sokrates Video integrates “In-class Teaching Video”, “Behavioral Data Characteristics” and “Artificial Intelligence Analysis” in the video, and automatically records the classroom interaction and the opinions of the class viewers in the video. Clicking Expert Marks can quickly switch the corresponding time points.

  • Sokrates Report

Sokrates Report presents the “Behavioral Data Characteristics” and “Artificial Intelligence Analysis” of the teacher in the form of charts. The report could help understand the teaching strategies adopted by the teacher in a class and interact with the students by using technological tools.